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Spring 2024 Wiegand Memorial Scholarship

ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP For the 2024 Spring Semester, TLD will be awarding scholarships up to $1,500.00 each.  Applicants must be a current employee, independent contractor, [...]

Fall 2023 Wiegand Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Alana R. and Kassidy A. Each candidate received $1,000 for the 2023 fall semester at TLD Logistic Driving School. ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP For [...]

Hauling Glass with TLD Logistics

Do you want to haul glass? Hopefully you've you seen our I-75 billboard. Hauling glass is a major industry and TLD Logistics has the connections [...]

Intermodal Shipping in USA

What is intermodal shipping? TLD Logistics is a leader in intermodal shipping logistics. Intermodal refers to the transfer of goods using two or more modes of [...]