5 Reasons to become a truck driver

5 Reasons to become a truck driver

Driving a truck is a hard job no doubt, and as we all know, someone has to do it. Maybe that someone could be you? There is always a high demand for excellent truck drivers, and that demand is still growing so this is a great time to give some thought to becoming a truck driver. Should you get your CDL and make the leap? Here are five great reasons you might want to consider this.

1. Let’s face it, you would like to be well paid. We all need a good paycheck. If you’re working now and feel like you’re making less than you should be, a career in truck driving could be for you. Isn’t it time to get paid what you are worth?

2. Maybe you don’t have time to go back to school full time to get a four year degree from a university.  Becoming a truck driver is pretty fast… many CDL schools have many options for training and TLD has our very own training academy so we can get you on the road in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to spend half a lifetime learning a new trade.  You’ll be out on the road driving in no time at all!

3. Do you work well in pressure situations?  Are you a hard worker?  Driving a truck can be quite challenging as you face road construction, traffic, bad weather, and other hazards. You’ll have to run a pretty tight ship to make it to your destinations on time with a safe and secure load. Can you read a map or GPS and are you a great time manager? Are you patient and clear headed?  If problems like this are no problem for you, you may excel in a truck driving career.

4. You hate the boring old 9 to 5 life, sitting in a cubicle somewhere.   Want to leave all that behind and get out to see the world?  Tired of a factory job or a production line or a stuffy office?  A trucking career can offer you a variety of options to escape the mundane… maybe you want to drive OTR where you can travel from state to state or maybe you’ll want a local route where you’re home every night.  Whatever you like, if that boring 9 to 5 puts a bad taste in your mouth, a truck driving career could be perfect for you.

5. You just like to be behind the wheel.  Life out on the open road clearly isn’t for everyone, and some people are terrified of the idea of controlling a large vehicle, but if you love to drive and aren’t intimidated by a big truck, this might just be the life for you.  It’s a beautiful country out there.  Earn money while you see it!

Clearly you’ve been considering the career as a professional truck driver, and you probably have a ton of questions. Ready to talk to someone in the trucking industry to see if it is right for you? Get in touch with us today!