Intermodal Shipping in USA

Intermodal Shipping in USA

What is intermodal shipping?

TLD Logistics is a leader in intermodal shipping logistics. Intermodal refers to the transfer of goods using two or more modes of transportation. This often refers to truck, rail, or container ship, but could also be air or other forms of transportation.

You’ve probably seen photos of cargo ships stacked to the brim with containers. This is a perfect example of intermodal shipping, because all of the containers on that container ship had to arrive to the port by truck or rail.  Thus, virtually every container on a ship is considered to be intermodal.

An important component to successful intermodal shipping is that all goods be contained in a standardized “container” so that the trucks and cranes can work efficiently. There are two primary sizes of intermodal containers20-foot and 40-foot.  These containers can easily be set on a flatbed trailer or specialty transport semi truck, and also stacked on trains or ships.  Often a container will be sent to a port of origin using a combination of truck and rail, then be loaded onto a ship, and upon arrival at the destination port be loaded back onto a freight train or semi truck…or both! 

If your goods need to be transported by intermodal shipping, TLD Logistics would love to bid on your transportation. Please fill out our intermodal shipping request and a representative will contact you with more information.