A Letter from Our President


Jim Peters

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the website for TLD Logistics Services, Inc., an independent subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. I hope that as you view our website you are able to start to gain an understanding of our values and objectives. At TLD we pride ourselves on creating a safe, challenging, and valuable work environment for our employees and contractors.

We are working hard to become a top employer of choice through listening to the input of our valued associates. We want our company to be recognized as a company built from the bottom up. It is a corporate commitment at TLD for our Senior Management Team to recognize and understand what we ask of our employees on the ground floor, as they complete the daily task of satisfying our customers.

As you view our website, you will note that we have a driver training school. I believe this indicates our commitment to improving the well being of our people. We want our folks to have every opportunity to be successful in all endeavors and we will work jointly with our associates to provide a career path to success.

This website provides an introduction to TLD, however I would encourage you to come see us for a face-to-face meeting at any one of our terminal locations throughout the US. Come experience what sets us apart from the rest of the working world and allow us to say, “Welcome to TLD Logistics Services, Inc.!”

Jim Peters
TLD Logistics Services, Inc.
Knoxville, TN 37932

History of TLD Logistics

Much of the weight of North American commerce rides with trucks. That is why every effort is made to insure that every shipment will arrive on time, without issue, every time.

In order to accomplish this TLD makes every effort to understand the unique needs of our valued customers and coordinate the operation of our manpower and equipment to transport their freight to their specifications in a safe and timely manner. By achieving this, TLD goes a step further to maintain flexibility in our transportation matrix to accommodate the short term, special needs of our customers that lie beyond the realm of normal daily requirements.

TLD adheres to all rules and regulations of the transportation industry and strictly abides by all local, state and federal safety regulations regarding the safe operation of our assets.

To ensure growth within the company, TLD Logistics not only promotes, but strongly advocates open communication with all employees. By listening to their ideas it fosters a positive team spirit and a “can do” attitude. This “attitude” goes a step beyond to developing programs and initiatives within our service areas that will enhance the quality of life in the communities where we work and live and strengthen our company’s role as a good corporate citizen.

TLD Logistics Services Inc. (TLD) was formed by Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. (TAI) after the purchase of L and D Transportation Services Inc. (L&D) in November 2008. Prior to the sale, L&D was a successful Tennessee-based corporation that had been in business since 1980.

TAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, which was founded as a trading and supply chain specialist for the Toyota Group. TAI has been operating in North America since 1960 and through the years has developed into a multi-business enterprise with diversified supply chains.

TLD has adopted the slogan “G-Value with You” to highlight the key characteristics of our organization:

  • Global – expanding activities in a global arena
  • Glowing – maintaining a healthy, glowing enthusiasm and passion
  • Generating – continually generating new business
  • Green – raising environmental consciousness and committing to green operations

As we follow and live our G-Value principles, we will also dedicate ourselves to creating G-Value with you, thereby realizing our core commitments.

Company Highlights:

  • Headquartered in Knoxille, TN
  • Centralized 24-hour dispatch located in Knoxville, TN
  • Truckload, expedited, LTL and JIT services
  • More than 400 employees
  • More than 450 Tractors
  • More than 150 Owner Operators
  • Satellite Communications
  • Dry vans, refrigerated vans, curtain-side flatbeds, and roll off and intermodal containers
  • Licensed in 48 states
  • Warehouse capabilities throughout the United States
  • ISO 140001 Environmental Certification

Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of cost-effective transportation services and logistics solutions while maintaining a culture of safety, teamwork, creativity and open communication with our Customers and Team Members. Always strive to be a good corporate neighbor in the communities where we operate, and continually update technology that will allow us to provide the best service to our Customers while minimizing our environmental impact on the planet.

Safety Statement

TLD Logistics Services, Inc. is committed to applying all principles of safety to each and every aspect of our transportation organization. This will be accomplished through the strategic development and implementation of a continually improving Safety program throughout the organization and fleet.

  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for staff, drivers and customers
  • Maintain policies and procedures which support the needs of our employees in a safe manner
  • Compliance with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations that the transportation industry requires of Motor Carriers
  • Ensure all managers and supervisors have the responsibility to train their workers in approved work procedures to prevent accidents and injuries and to guarantee workers, vendors and visitors follow safe work practices
  • Develop and train drivers and staff on current rules and regulations of state and federal governments that have oversight of the transportation industry
  • Maintain policies and procedures which support the needs of our employees in a safe manner
  • Adhere to all the rules and regulations of the transportation industry and strictly abide by all local, state and federal safety regulations regarding the safe operation of our assets
  • Conduct our operations in compliance with relevant statutory provisions concerning environmental matters, strive to use environmentally-friendly products at our company and promote environmental awareness with all employees

Environmental Statement

  • As good corporate citizens, we will carry out our business activities in consideration of the Earth’s environment, constantly aiming to preserve our natural surroundings, conserve energy, and recycle resources. In addition, we will take every step to ensure that our activities do not pollute the environment.
  • In collaboration with our customers and associated companies, we will seek to make practical use of industrial waste, actively promoting environmental- related businesses, such as resource conservation. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the realization of a recycling-based economy.
  • In our business activities, we will observe all environmental-related laws and regulations and industry standards with which we fully concur, and any other requirements.

We will establish an environmental management system to implement and constantly evaluate our environmental protection activities, and will demonstrate creativity in targeting continuous improvement in all environmental endeavors.

  • Through internal education programs, we will promote a thorough understanding of our environmental policy,

Our goals for the environmental management program are:

  • Achieve and maintain ISO 14001 certification
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Improve business processes from an environmental standpoint

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Initiatives

Following the lead of our parent firm, TLD will continuously seek to implement strategies which support the long term objectives of our society and add value to our communities to achieve the following:

  • Full compliance with all government regulations that apply to our business
  • Policies and procedures which support the needs of our employees in a sensitive manner
  • Contributions to community based organizations which enhance community services and local development
St.Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund