Third Party Logistics


Our company’s Sales and Customer Service professionals have years of expertise in the transportation and logistics industry, and will work with you and your team to develop the most cost-effective dedicated transportation solutions for your organization. And they will continue to analyze your milkruns to ensure they are being handled in the most efficient and economical manner.

There are several areas where Dedicated Services can benefit your company:


With established pricing for your dedicated routes, you are able to budget for transportation costs throughout the year.


We guarantee that your company will have the right amount of equipment available to handle all of your dedicated transportation needs. You will not have to worry about tightening capacity in a volatile marketplace.


We are conscious that excess inventory costs your company money. Our Customer Service professionals will assist you in developing dedicated routes that enable you to receive your freight on the date and time you need it. We understand that too early is just as detrimental to your business as too late.

TLD Logistics wants to be your Dedicated Services company. Get in touch with us today!