Truck Drivers, The New Everyday Heroes

Truck Drivers, The New Everyday Heroes

Many of us would like to turn a blind eye to the sex trafficking that occurs both in our area and around the world every day. However, whether we acknowledge the problem or not, it does exist.

Recently, a new campaign called Truckers against Trafficking has been released that allows truck drivers to play an active and rather large role in the prevention of sex trafficking. The truck driving industry is one of the main “audiences” of sex trafficking and is in a unique position to help by both recognizing and reporting suspicious behavior.

Truckers against Trafficking is a grassroots organization that allows truck drivers to be the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways. Truck drivers have the rare opportunity of being in places where most of the population don’t venture. If they can recognize potential victims of human trafficking, then we have a “heads up” on a dangerous community.

What are tell-tale signs of sex trafficking? If you see one trucker with ten girls- be suspicious. If you hear on the radio that there are underage women available or if you are approached by a young girl at one of your stops – those are all green lights that you should call the hotline and report what you have witnessed. Even if you have an off feeling, calling the line is better than dismissing what could save a life.

Whether you are new to trucking driving or just started applying for truck driving jobs, this program allows you the opportunity to be an everyday hero.

Make the call, save lives. The hotline is: 1-888-373-7888.