Stay Awake, Stay Aware

Stay Awake, Stay Aware

Truck drivers know when applying for truck driving jobs that they are signing up for a life of erratic sleeping schedules. Most truck driving companies pay by how much work is accomplished (whether by mile, hour or percentage of the load payment); thus, staying awake and alert for extensive periods of time is an essential part of being a productive and safe truck driver. To help you keep your eyes and mind on the road, here are some tips to help keep you awake.

Naps: Never discount the effectiveness of a quick power nap. It helped you survive Kindergarten, and it will continue to help you survive being a truck driver as well.

Cab Tips: Turn your radio on and off. Keep switching between listening to tunes or your favorite talk show, but don’t hesitate to switch the radio back off to allow your brain a switch-up. Starting to feel warm and comfortable? Turn down the temperature in the cab to be cool and borderline chilly to allow you to stay more alert.

Coffee: No, we could never forget the go-to favorite resort of grabbing a hot cup of coffee. Although this is no sleep substitute, coffee is sure to act as a quick pick-me-up. Make sure to not mix coffee with energy drinks and various other stimulants. Mixing these energy boosters is hard on your health and is sure to follow with a caffeine crash.

Get Moving: Take a five-minute walk at your closest truck stop or rest area. Get your body moving and allow your activeness to wake up your mind. Even if it’s just stopping for a snack or a bottle of water at a gas station, it will help.

Grab Some Grub: Enjoy a snack or small meal and allow it to work as an energy booster. Be sure to not overdo it or you’ll be napping at the next rest area instead of making it a few extra miles to your destination.

Although these tips are helpful when you are trying to stay awake and alert on the road, these options are by no means substitutes to getting a full night’s sleep. Being an attentive truck driver saves lives, both yours and others. Read these tips, but know your limits.