A Message on Distracted Driving

A Message on Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to play an increasing role in the number of crashes and fatalities on the road. We live in an era that constantly pulls our attention in various directions, and although we may feel that being born in this era has allowed us the ability to multi-task, the statistics prove otherwise.

In 2016, three Tennessee Department of Transportation (TNDOT) workers were killed in work zone/incident response crashes. These men were struck and killed by passing motor vehicles.

We, truck drivers and everyday drivers, must strive to increase awareness and the importance of distracted driving. Simple things such as: not looking at your mobile device; recognizing the need to move over; slowing down; staying awake while trucking; and paying special attention when driving in works zones, would create fewer accidents, crashes and fatalities.

As stated in TNDOT’s new PSA campaign “Work with Us”, drivers have one job when behind the wheel: to drive. If we, as a community and as drivers, accept that “just three” men lost their lives due to distracted driving than in ten years, potentially a total of 30 people would have left for work and lost their life. Thirty family’s who lose their loved ones. No text message, phone call, work email or need to get to work will ever be worth even one person’s life.

No matter if you are applying for truck driving jobs, or just a citizen who drives to work every day ~ you could make a difference. You could spread the word and take extra effort to stay focused while operating a motorized vehicle. You could save a life.