Mobile Technology Meets Truck Driving

Mobile Technology Meets Truck Driving

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, knowing how technology has improved the truck driver’s experience is something you should make note of.

Mobile technology is a huge part of the world we live in today. Being a truck driver in the twentieth century, like most things, is a lot different than it used to be before technology began playing such a necessary role in our lives. There are three specific ways technology has improved the truck driving experience:

Navigation: Although getting lost is always a probability as a truck driver, it is more of a rarity than it used to be. Thanks to GPS technology, truck drivers now have access to satellite navigation. Providing everything from alerts on upcoming road construction and detours to alternate traffic routes, weather conditions, calculated ETA and miles driven.

Entertainment: The convenience of easily portable laptops, iPads and smartphones allow for an easily accessible entertainment outlet for truck drivers. Everything from Netflix to Podcasts, audio books and online gaming is now available at your fingertips. Long nights on the road are inevitable when truck driving, but mobile technology has made it much more bearable.

Communication: Technology has come a long way from the CB radio that used to be the only form of communication for truck drivers which was pretty antiquated and limited. Truck driving will always boil down to a trucker and his truck, but mobile technology has allowed being on the road to be a lot less lonely. No other technology has benefited truck driving more than the simple accessibility of being able to communicate with their friends and family.

Although mobile and portable technology provides many assets to the world of truck driving, it also comes with its responsibilities. Although navigation, entertainment and communication are now more accessible, it does not counteract the fact that truck drivers should always deter from operating any devices other than their vehicle while on the road.