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TLD makes every effort to understand the unique needs of our valued customers and coordinate the operation of our manpower and equipment to transport their freight to their specifications in a safe and timely manner. By achieving this, TLD goes a step further to maintain flexibility in our transportation matrix to accommodate the short term, special needs of our customers that lie beyond the realm of normal daily requirements.

TLD adheres to all rules and regulations of the transportation industry and strictly abides by all local, state and federal safety regulations regarding the safe operation of our assets.

Much of the weight of North American commerce rides with trucks. That is why every effort is made to insure that every shipment arrives on time, without issue, every time.
Mike McConkey

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TLD Logistics Services Inc. was formed by Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. after the purchase of L & D Transportation Services Inc. in November 2008. Prior to the sale, L&D was a successful Tennessee-based corporation that had been in business since 1980.