1302, 2017

TLD Logistics named one of the 2017 Best Fleets to Drive For

Every year, CarriersEdge in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association publishes their list of the 20 best Fleets to Drive for in North America.  This list identifies for-hire carriers providing the best workplace experiences for their truck drivers.

For the second year in a row, TLD Logistics has won the coveted award and recognition of being one of the 20 Best Fleets.  This takes into account our driver satisfaction, our excellent CDL driving schools, our state of the art fleet of trucks, our retention rate, competitive pay, and many other benefits enjoyed by TLD truck drivers.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver or attending truck driving school, TLD is always hiring, and we offer our own CDL school with locations in Knoxville, TN and Crossville, TN.

We offer fantastic perks including driver safety bonuses, a referral program, fuel bonuses, and pay incentives for hauling over-sized loads.  TLD Logistics offers all drivers paid vacation, 8 paid holidays per year, group medical insurance for the employee and family, a vision plan, dental coverage, cancer insurance, and sick pay.  Come find out why our competitive benefits and driver satisfaction rating have led to us being one of the top 20 fleets to drive for two years running!

3010, 2016

4 steps to becoming a truck driver

How would you like to move out of your office cubicle job and get on the road to a new career with fantastic benefits. To get started, take a look at these four steps to help get you started working as a truck driver. Four steps? It’s okay… it’s not that bad! Trucking can be a seriously awesome job, but many people have a false negative stereotype of what the lifestyle is really like. If you’re already considering a truck driving job or maybe if you’re just getting started, check out these four steps to hitting the road:

1. Finish high school or get your equivalence degree or GED.

It’s not completely written in stone that you must have a diploma, but it will absolutely only help you. While not required by all companies, it will set you apart and place you a cut above other applicants and can only help you.

2. Make sure you keep a clean driving record.

Parking tickets? Sure, not a problem. Reckless driving? That could be a problem. For trucking companies to trust you with their freight and transports, they are going to have to be completely confident that you can move it from Tennessee to Texas without incident. Having lots of traffic violations or even a conviction for DUI will most likely keep you from working for most companies.

3. Get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

There are many federal guidelines which list CDL requirements, but every state has unique rules. You will need to verify with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) what those specific laws are in your unique area. You will also most likely need to pass a written exam covering equipment and laws in you area, show off your driving ability, and complete a pre-drive inspection of your vehicle. The best and quickest way to do this is to enroll in a driving school (Like the TLD Training School.

4. Pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) exam.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation exam includes both a challenging written and then also a physical (hearing and vision) element, and you will be required to pass both. Once you have completed the written exam you will never have to do it again, but you’ll need to pass the physical once every two years.

3009, 2016

5 Reasons to become a truck driver

Driving a truck is a hard job no doubt, and as we all know, someone has to do it. Maybe that someone could be you? There is always a high demand for excellent truck drivers, and that demand is still growing so this is a great time to give some thought to becoming a truck driver. Should you get your CDL and make the leap? Here are five great reasons you might want to consider this.

1. Let’s face it, you would like to be well paid. We all need a good paycheck. If you’re working now and feel like you’re making less than you should be, a career in truck driving could be for you. Isn’t it time to get paid what you are worth?

2. Maybe you don’t have time to go back to school full time to get a four year degree from a university.  Becoming a truck driver is pretty fast… many CDL schools have many options for training and TLD has our very own training academy so we can get you on the road in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to spend half a lifetime learning a new trade.  You’ll be out on the road driving in no time at all!

3. Do you work well in pressure situations?  Are you a hard worker?  Driving a truck can be quite challenging as you face road construction, traffic, bad weather, and other hazards. You’ll have to run a pretty tight ship to make it to your destinations on time with a safe and secure load. Can you read a map or GPS and are you a great time manager? Are you patient and clear headed?  If problems like this are no problem for you, you may excel in a truck driving career.

4. You hate the boring old 9 to 5 life, sitting in a cubicle somewhere.   Want to leave all that behind and get out to see the world?  Tired of a factory job or a production line or a stuffy office?  A trucking career can offer you a variety of options to escape the mundane… maybe you want to drive OTR where you can travel from state to state or maybe you’ll want a local route where you’re home every night.  Whatever you like, if that boring 9 to 5 puts a bad taste in your mouth, a truck driving career could be perfect for you.

5. You just like to be behind the wheel.  Life out on the open road clearly isn’t for everyone, and some people are terrified of the idea of controlling a large vehicle, but if you love to drive and aren’t intimidated by a big truck, this might just be the life for you.  It’s a beautiful country out there.  Earn money while you see it!

Clearly you’ve been considering the career as a professional truck driver, and you probably have a ton of questions. Ready to talk to someone in the trucking industry to see if it is right for you? Get in touch with us today!

308, 2016


  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-6
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-5
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-4
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-3
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-2
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-1
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-18
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-17
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-16
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-15
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-14
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-13
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-12
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-11
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-10
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-9
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-8
  • 2016 Drivers Million Plus Safe Mile Celebration Pic-7

On July 16, 2016 TLD held a Celebration Banquet for our drivers that have driven 1MM or 2 MM accident free miles. The banquet took place at the Holiday Inn in Knoxville and was a huge success.

Each driver was awarded 2 shirts with the MM Mile patch, a crystal award and a SuperMile Ring which will be delivered in mid-September.

We’re proud of all of you. Thanks for making TLD a great place to work!

2706, 2016

FIA Golf Tournament


TLD won the tournament based on the strong putting of Doug Catt and impressive driving performance off the tee by Mike Epperson.