502, 2019

TLD Makes Top Fleets List for 4th Consecutive Year

For the fourth year in a row, TLD Logistics is among the 2019 Best Fleets to Drive For, a designation recognizing the positive difference these companies make in the lives of their drivers.

“Obviously we’re very proud and grateful to have been recognized,” TLD president and COO Jim Peters said. “We consider this a great honor and obviously something we don’t take for granted. We know  there’s a lot of hard work that goes into building the culture of what we’re trying to achieve at TLD  and we’re very appreciative of the recognition. It helps spur us on trying to continue to improve the offerings at TLD so that we can remain in this circle.”

This year’s winners, drawn from a record number of nominees, had an average driver satisfaction rate over 91 percent and an annual driver turnover under 35 percent.

“The winners have set the bar high when it comes to keeping their professional truck drivers engaged while also providing a superior work environment,” TCA president John Lyboldt said in a news release announcing the winners. “This coveted contest reveals the tremendous efforts put forth by these driver-centric companies.”

TLD, based in Knoxville, Tenn., has become a fixture on the list by continually introducing initiatives to enhance its drivers’ experience. This year, it expanded its driver tribute program based on input from the drivers, awarding more than 30 cash awards for going above and beyond during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It has enhanced some of its independent contractor offerings. It is considering offering service checks on their employees’ personal vehicles as part of the company’s maintenance practices.

“TLD continues to raise the bar with a range of exceptional programs that get more expansive every year,” said CarriersEdge CEO Jane Jazrawy. “And with driver satisfaction in excess of 90 percent their drivers clearly approve of the efforts.”

“Our top management folks have recognized we have to be creative and continue to come up with things that are going to make TLD a better place to work and I see the effort from our top management team in trying to do that,” Peters said.

Overall winners in the large and small fleet categories will be announced during the TCA Annual Convention March 10-13 in Las Vegas. TLD will compete in the large fleet category, where three-time overall winner Bison Transportation is among the competition.

2901, 2019

TLD Logistics named one of the Top 20 Best Feels to Drive For

TCA and CarriersEdge just announced the best of the best in their 2019 Top 20 Best Feels to Drive For! What a better way to celebrate their 11-year anniversary than with a record number of nominees and finalists.

In order to be considered for the Best Fleets Program, each company must have 10 or more operating trucks and much be nominated by one of their owner operators or company drivers. Fleets are then further evaluated with a scoring matrix that covers a wide variety of variables such as:

  • Total compensation
  • Health benefits
  • Performance management
  • Professional development
  • Career path / advancement opportunities
  • Driver survey results

Now introducing, the 2019 Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For:

  • American Central Transport, Inc. – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bennett Motor Express – McDonough, Georgia
  • Bison Transport – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Boyle Transportation – Billerica, Massachusetts
  • Central Oregon Truck Company, Inc. – Redmond, Oregon
  • Crete Carrier Corp – Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Epes Transport System, LLC – Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Erb Transport – New Hamburg, Ontario
  • FTC Transportation, Inc. – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Garner Trucking, Inc. – Findlay, Ohio
  • Grand Island Express – Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Halvor Lines, Inc. – Superior, Wisconsin
  • Landstar System, Inc. – Jacksonville, Florida
  • Maverick Transportation, LLC – North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Motor Carrier Service LLC – Northwood, Ohio
  • Nussbaum Transportation Services, Inc. – Hudson, Illinois
  • Prime Inc. – Springfield, Missouri
  • Thomas E. Keller Trucking Inc. – Defiance, Ohio
  • TLD Logistics Services, Inc. – Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Transpro Freight Systems Limited – Milton, Ontario

Want to learn more? Visit https://www.truckload.org/news/this-years-top-20-best-fleets-to-drive-for-are/.

1009, 2017

TLD Logistics named one of the 2017 Best Fleets to Drive For

Every year, CarriersEdge in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association publishes their list of the 20 best Fleets to Drive for in North America.  This list identifies for-hire carriers providing the best workplace experiences for their truck drivers.

For the second year in a row, TLD Logistics has won the coveted award and recognition of being one of the 20 Best Fleets.  This takes into account our driver satisfaction, our excellent CDL driving schools, our state of the art fleet of trucks, our retention rate, competitive pay, and many other benefits enjoyed by TLD truck drivers.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver or attending truck driving school, TLD is always hiring, and we offer our own CDL school with locations in Knoxville, TN and Crossville, TN.

We offer fantastic perks including driver safety bonuses, a referral program, fuel bonuses, and pay incentives for hauling over-sized loads.  TLD Logistics offers all drivers paid vacation, 8 paid holidays per year, group medical insurance for the employee and family, a vision plan, dental coverage, cancer insurance, and sick pay.  Come find out why our competitive benefits and driver satisfaction rating have led to us being one of the top 20 fleets to drive for two years running!

1108, 2017

Team Driving: The Dynamic Duo of Trucking

If you are interested in truck driving jobs or employment in the trucking industry, you should make yourself familiar with the option of team driving. When most think of truck driving, they think of one man, one truck and lots of road; however, that is not always the case.

Team driving is a term for two people who alternate driving and managing hauls on the road. Team driving allows truck drivers to make longer routes without exceeding their hours of service carefully monitored by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

FMCSA does require team drivers to limit their off-duty hours to only 2 hours in the passenger seat. This guideline ensures drivers spend the remaining 8 of their 10 off-duty hours in the sleeper berth. While one driver is off-duty and catches some shut eye, the other can log more mileage.

In addition to being more efficient, many trucking industries also provide incentives for team drivers. Incentives have been known to include increased pay-per-mile rates and/or priority dispatch. In addition to company incentives, team drivers also have the benefit of having regular schedules and consistent pay checks.

Last but not least, four hands is simply better than two. Pre-trip inspections become less of a hassle while the company ensures a less isolating experience. 

2107, 2017

3 Ways Mobile Technology Has Changed Truck Driving

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, knowing how technology has improved the truck driver’s experience is something you should make note of.

Mobile technology is a huge part of the world we live in today. Being a truck driver in the twentieth century, like most things, is a lot different than it used to be before technology began playing such a necessary role in our lives. There are three specific ways technology has improved the truck driving experience:

Navigation: Although getting lost is always a probability as a truck driver, it is more of a rarity than it used to be. Thanks to GPS technology, truck drivers now have access to satellite navigation. Providing everything from alerts on upcoming road construction and detours to alternate traffic routes, weather conditions, calculated ETA and miles driven.

Entertainment: The convenience of easily portable laptops, iPads and smartphones allow for an easily accessible entertainment outlet for truck drivers. Everything from Netflix to Podcasts, audio books and online gaming is now available at your fingertips. Long nights on the road are inevitable when truck driving, but mobile technology has made it much more bearable.

Communication: Technology has come a long way from the CB radio that used to be the only form of communication for truck drivers which was pretty antiquated and limited. Truck driving will always boil down to a trucker and his truck, but mobile technology has allowed being on the road to be a lot less lonely. No other technology has benefited truck driving more than the simple accessibility of being able to communicate with their friends and family.

Although mobile and portable technology provides many assets to the world of truck driving, it also comes with its responsibilities. Although navigation, entertainment and communication are now more accessible, it does not counteract the fact that truck drivers should always deter from operating any devices other than their vehicle while on the road.