1305, 2017

TLD Logistics named one of the 2017 Best Fleets to Drive For

Every year, CarriersEdge in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association publishes their list of the 20 best Fleets to Drive for in North America.  This list identifies for-hire carriers providing the best workplace experiences for their truck drivers.

For the second year in a row, TLD Logistics has won the coveted award and recognition of being one of the 20 Best Fleets.  This takes into account our driver satisfaction, our excellent CDL driving schools, our state of the art fleet of trucks, our retention rate, competitive pay, and many other benefits enjoyed by TLD truck drivers.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver or attending truck driving school, TLD is always hiring, and we offer our own CDL school with locations in Knoxville, TN and Crossville, TN.

We offer fantastic perks including driver safety bonuses, a referral program, fuel bonuses, and pay incentives for hauling over-sized loads.  TLD Logistics offers all drivers paid vacation, 8 paid holidays per year, group medical insurance for the employee and family, a vision plan, dental coverage, cancer insurance, and sick pay.  Come find out why our competitive benefits and driver satisfaction rating have led to us being one of the top 20 fleets to drive for two years running!

2103, 2017

Stay Awake, Stay Aware

Truck drivers know when applying for truck driving jobs that they are signing up for a life of erratic sleeping schedules. Most truck driving companies pay by how much work is accomplished (whether by mile, hour or percentage of the load payment); thus, staying awake and alert for extensive periods of time is an essential part of being a productive and safe truck driver. To help you keep your eyes and mind on the road, here are some tips to help keep you awake.

Naps: Never discount the effectiveness of a quick power nap. It helped you survive Kindergarten, and it will continue to help you survive being a truck driver as well.

Cab Tips: Turn your radio on and off. Keep switching between listening to tunes or your favorite talk show, but don’t hesitate to switch the radio back off to allow your brain a switch-up. Starting to feel warm and comfortable? Turn down the temperature in the cab to be cool and borderline chilly to allow you to stay more alert.

Coffee: No, we could never forget the go-to favorite resort of grabbing a hot cup of coffee. Although this is no sleep substitute, coffee is sure to act as a quick pick-me-up. Make sure to not mix coffee with energy drinks and various other stimulants. Mixing these energy boosters is hard on your health and is sure to follow with a caffeine crash.

Get Moving: Take a five-minute walk at your closest truck stop or rest area. Get your body moving and allow your activeness to wake up your mind. Even if it’s just stopping for a snack or a bottle of water at a gas station, it will help.

Grab Some Grub: Enjoy a snack or small meal and allow it to work as an energy booster. Be sure to not overdo it or you’ll be napping at the next rest area instead of making it a few extra miles to your destination.

Although these tips are helpful when you are trying to stay awake and alert on the road, these options are by no means substitutes to getting a full night’s sleep. Being an attentive truck driver saves lives, both yours and others. Read these tips, but know your limits.

603, 2017

Truck Drivers, The New Everyday Heroes

Many of us would like to turn a blind eye to the sex trafficking that occurs both in our area and around the world every day. However, whether we acknowledge the problem or not, it does exist.

Recently, a new campaign called Truckers against Trafficking has been released that allows truck drivers to play an active and rather large role in the prevention of sex trafficking. The truck driving industry is one of the main “audiences” of sex trafficking and is in a unique position to help by both recognizing and reporting suspicious behavior.

Truckers against Trafficking is a grassroots organization that allows truck drivers to be the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways. Truck drivers have the rare opportunity of being in places where most of the population don’t venture. If they can recognize potential victims of human trafficking, then we have a “heads up” on a dangerous community.

What are tell-tale signs of sex trafficking? If you see one trucker with ten girls- be suspicious. If you hear on the radio that there are underage women available or if you are approached by a young girl at one of your stops – those are all green lights that you should call the hotline and report what you have witnessed. Even if you have an off feeling, calling the line is better than dismissing what could save a life.

Whether you are new to trucking driving or just started applying for truck driving jobs, this program allows you the opportunity to be an everyday hero.

Make the call, save lives. The hotline is: 1-888-373-7888.

102, 2017

A Message on Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to play an increasing role in the number of crashes and fatalities on the road. We live in an era that constantly pulls our attention in various directions, and although we may feel that being born in this era has allowed us the ability to multi-task, the statistics prove otherwise.

In 2016, three Tennessee Department of Transportation (TNDOT) workers were killed in work zone/incident response crashes. These men were struck and killed by passing motor vehicles.

We, truck drivers and everyday drivers, must strive to increase awareness and the importance of distracted driving. Simple things such as: not looking at your mobile device; recognizing the need to move over; slowing down; staying awake while trucking; and paying special attention when driving in works zones, would create fewer accidents, crashes and fatalities.

As stated in TNDOT’s new PSA campaign “Work with Us”, drivers have one job when behind the wheel: to drive. If we, as a community and as drivers, accept that “just three” men lost their lives due to distracted driving than in ten years, potentially a total of 30 people would have left for work and lost their life. Thirty family’s who lose their loved ones. No text message, phone call, work email or need to get to work will ever be worth even one person’s life.

No matter if you are applying for truck driving jobs, or just a citizen who drives to work every day ~ you could make a difference. You could spread the word and take extra effort to stay focused while operating a motorized vehicle. You could save a life.

601, 2017

Life at the Wheel

Calling all truck drivers! Imagine getting in your days work with the windows down while singing along to your favorite radio station. Not to mention a work week where your biggest problem is the change of speed limit.

We’ve all seen truck drivers cruising along down the highway to their unknown destination, but have you ever considered being in their seat? Be a truck driver and take the wheel of your life like never before, literally!

Tap the breaks on your current career where your boss breathes over your shoulder or where your co-workers drive you crazy. Consider a career that allows you to work at the beat of your own music. A job that allows your down time to be full time!

Truck drivers are more than eighteen wheres you intend to pass on the interstate, but rather they are the carriers of your favorite cargo and the people you should envy.

Next time you are driving home with a lead foot if only to get farther from worker at a quicker rate- take a longer glance at the truck drivers in your rear view mirror. That could be you! Put the breaks on your unhappy job and become a truck driver – where we look forward to work every morning.