TLD Logistics named one of the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For

TCA and CarriersEdge just announced the best of the best in their 2019 Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For! What a better way to celebrate their 11-year anniversary than with a record number of nominees and finalists. In order to be considered for the Best Fleets Program, each company must have 10 or more operating trucks and much be nominated by one of their owner operators or company drivers. Fleets are then further evaluated with a scoring matrix [...]

Team Driving: The Dynamic Duo of Trucking

If you are interested in truck driving jobs or employment in the trucking industry, you should make yourself familiar with the option of team driving. When most think of truck driving, they think of one man, one truck and lots of road; however, that is not always the case.Team driving is a term for two people who alternate driving and managing hauls on the road. Team driving allows truck drivers to make longer routes without exceeding their hours of service carefully monitored by FMCSA (Federal [...]

3 Ways Mobile Technology Has Changed Truck Driving

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, knowing how technology has improved the truck driver’s experience is something you should make note of. Mobile technology is a huge part of the world we live in today. Being a truck driver in the twentieth century, like most things, is a lot different than it used to be before technology began playing such a necessary role in our lives. There are three specific ways technology has improved the truck [...]

Truck Smarter, Not Harder

The most efficient way to boost fuel economy is to improve driver behavior. In order to do this, trucking companies can incentivize specific trucker behavior. In some instances, trucking companies opt to physically limit what goes on behind the wheel; thus, on-board technology was born. One way to save on the cost of fuel on the road is the use of road-speed “governors.” These governors are standard equipment when it comes to modern 18-wheelers and act as electronic engine controls [...]

Life at the Wheel

Calling all truck drivers! Imagine getting in your days work with the windows down while singing along to your favorite radio station. Not to mention a work week where your biggest problem is the change of speed limit. We've all seen truck drivers cruising along down the highway to their unknown destination, but have you ever considered being in their seat? Be a truck driver and take the wheel of your life like never before, literally! Tap the breaks on [...]

4 steps to becoming a truck driver

How would you like to move out of your office cubicle job and get on the road to a new career with fantastic benefits. To get started, take a look at these four steps to help get you started working as a truck driver. Four steps? It's okay... it's not that bad! Trucking can be a seriously awesome job, but many people have a false negative stereotype of what the lifestyle is really like. If you're already considering a truck [...]


Are you considering a career in truck driving? Do you have reservations about long hours or being able to drive long distances? There are pros and cons to every job, but maybe the pros of truck driving outweigh the cons for you. As a truck driver travels, they have the opportunity to see all different landscapes, experience different cultures, and meet different people. While it may be a short amount of time, every trip can be an adventure in itself. [...]

Join our Truck Driving Team!

Why Drive for TLD Logistics We strive to create a positive culture at TLD Logistics that encourages safety, teamwork, creativity, and open communication. Our policies and procedures work to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for our truck drivers, and we provide competitive training, benefits, and pay. To ensure growth and our positive culture, we strongly advocate open communication between all employees. This fosters a team spirit within our ranks, enhances quality of life in our community, and strengthens [...]

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 13-19, 2015, is when America takes the time to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These 3.4 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely and on time, they also keep our highways safe.TLD Logistics wants to thank all our drivers not only this week, but every week. We appreciate all you do!